F-16 Behind Rumbling in Grayson County

11-10-04 - An F-16 fighter jet traveling at mach 1 may be to blame for a mysterious rumbling in north-central Grayson County Tuesday. What was likely a sonic boom jarred more than a dozen homes and was felt from Gordonville to Valley View.

Debra Hix says it happened just after 2pm as she heard a loud boom.
The damage could still be seen at her home between Gordonville and Sadler along FM 901. A picture had fallen off her wall and ceiling tiles were damaged.

First News checked with local experts and ruled out an earthquake or explosive blast. Eventually, Shepherd Air Force Base in Wichita Falls reported that Lockheed Martin in Ft Worth was test-flying an F-16 over the Texoma are during that exact same time. Usuaully, pilots fly high enough that the sonic boom isn't a disturbance for people on the ground.