Black Friday in Texoma

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Braving the crowds and the cold, thousands of shoppers set out to find bargains on Friday. One of the biggest shopping days of the year of course is Black Friday. Our own Mystic Matthews hit the stores to show you what you can expect as you head out to shop 'til you drop.

Black Friday. It sounds gloomy but for local businesses. As it turns out it's anything but.

Lana Bernardin, marketing director at Midway Mall, says even with new stores opening up at other locations in sherman like Towne Center. Mall sales have not decreased by much.

"Its been okay, not too much difference, but as long as people are shopping in Sherman, it's okay."

And plenty of them were. Even shoppers from out of town are taking full advantage of the deals in sherman. Many shoppers like Brianna Gentry spent the rest of the day shopping.

Managers say its been that way since they opened up at 6 a.m. this morning. But it is the biggest shopping day of the year and Target expects to do about $500,000 in business.

In fact, Target and other stores had more than 1,000 shoppers come through the front doors in just the first seven minutes they were open.
Leslie Spost, a Target store manager says she's glad to work, but wouldn't want to fight the crowds to shop.

If you do want to hit the stores, most of them have extended hours Friday night. Just get ready for the crowds!

Black Friday sales are not just a phenomenon in Sherman. Companies on Main Street in Durant say they've also seen an increase in holiday sales. Store employees say they prepared by making sure they have all hands on deck to handle the crowd.

"Main Street's been preparing all month for this event, so people feel more comfortable about shopping here because we have more experience with dealing with our customers," Curtis Jewelry Store rep Melissa Ganns says.

Employees also say that their established presence in the community helps drive their business. Store representatives say that business on Main Street has been great all week, and business Friday has been steady all day.

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