Durant Intermediate School evacuated as precaution

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DURANT, Okla. -- More than 600 students were evacuated from Durant Intermediate School on Monday after smoke and dust were found in a classroom. School administrators say they were prepared for an event like this.

"There was an evacuation today at Durant Intermediate School today, but luckily there wasn't an actual fire," Principal Tod Harrison said Monday.

The Durant Fire Department received a call about smoke at the school Monday afternoon. The children were evacuated from the school, and two fire trucks arrived to check the building.

Principal Tod Harrison says there were no injuries, and none of the students were ever in danger. He says the evacuation was great practice.

Within two minutes, the students were out of the building and firefighters were on scene. Harrison says he is glad the students and the fire department did so well and that they are both better prepared for a real emergency situation.

"Something got on the gas flame, smoked up the room for about just a matter of seconds, and we just chased that, evacuated the building. It was good practice, and the fire department got to practice, too," Harrison said.

After firefighters completely checked the building, students returned to classes as usual.

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