CBS Fires 4 - Final Report Released

1-10-05 - NEW YORK (AP) Four top CBS officials have been fired for producing a critical story on President Bush that an investigation deems neither fair nor accurate.

A former Republican attorney general and the former head of The Associated Press found no sign that a political agenda fueled the "60 Minutes Wednesday" report on Bush's National Guard service.

The investigators say the show aired a story that didn't meet CBS News' internal standards because producers wanted to be the first to break the story.

CBS fired the report's producer, Mary Mapes. It also fired the executive producer of "60 Minutes Wednesday," Josh Howard, and his top deputy Mary Murphy. Senior Vice President Betsy West also was sacked.

The story relied on documents that were allegedly forged.

Dan Rather, who narrated the report, announced in November that he would step down as anchor of "CBS Evening News." He says the timing has nothing to do with the investigation.

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