Rather - 'Faces No Further Action'

NEW YORK (AP) - The top executive at CBS says Dan Rather faces
no further action, though he "made the same errors" as some of his colleagues in a controversial story on President Bush.

Leslie Moonves says Rather's apology and announcement he's stepping down as anchorman make further discipline unnecessary.

CBS fired four executives today, after an investigation concluded "myopic zeal" led "60 Minutes Wednesday" to air the story on Bush's military service. It relied on documents that experts say may be fake.

The investigators says they can't prove whether the memos are fakes, but do say that CBS News failed to authenticate them and falsely said an expert had done so.

In their 224-page report, investigators say the CBS News chief
ordered "60 Minutes Wednesday" to review the opinions of document
examiners and sources. The panel says if show officials had followed the order, they likely would not have "publicly defended the segment for another ten days."