Controversial Ad draws one senators criticism in Oklahoma

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DURANT, OK - A controversial ad is drawing criticism from high ranking state officials in Oklahoma. The ad, which depicts images of the Oklahoma city bombing has one state senator outraged, but one local firefighter says it should be seen by the public.

"I think it's a very good commercial. It shows a lot of what we face every day. Day in and day out," said Durant Fire LT. Dustin Rudolph.

Rudolph is referring to a commercial currently being run by the International Association of Fire Fighters. The ad depicts images of the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. Oklahoma Senator, David Holt says this is completely uncalled for.

"The advertisement that the fire union is running that shows the aftermath of April 19th I think is tasteless and i think they should be ashamed of themselves," said Oklahoma Senator David Holt.

OK senate bill number 826 is what sparked this controversial ad. The bill proposed by senator Holt would change how contracts between cities and public-sector safety unions are handled. Currently when cities and unions are at an impasse on a contract the decision is given to an arbitrator. The arbitrator negotiates for the union and according to Senator Holt, almost always finds for the union worker.

Holt says these arbitrators raid the state's rainy day fund every year in order to pay the raises being asked for by the unions. He says this puts a heavy burden on the taxpayers and they should have a say in it and they really don't right now. Dustin Rudolph agrees.

"Yeah they need to know, they are the tax payers, we are public servants," said Rudolph.

Senator Holt also says that currently the average yearly income for Oklahoma public safety officials is 90,000 dollars, which is probably about half the average citizen income.

"I would like to know where that average comes from because I'm way below average. My salary is 40,000 dollars. My gross salary," Rudolph said.

Senator Holt says he believes that the state should do all they can for public servants but they cannot do more than they can afford.

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