Family Wise to Scam Artist's Attempts

1-19-05 - Stolen checks in Pennsylvania have led to a scam that arrived in a Grayson County mailbox recently.

Gary Colwell and his wife received a check for $1,950.46 along with a letter saying it was the 1st installment of lottery winnings. The family had recently signed up on-line for lotteries, and initially thought they’d won. But once they read the fine print, they knew it was a scam.

Turns out, the scammers wanted to Colwell’s to cash the check, then send them half of the money. In return, the Colwell’s were promised more than $300,000. But that also would have led the crooks to the Colwell’s bank account.

After calling the name of the company on the check, Gary realized the check had been stolen and copied. The company that was victimized said more than 100 other people had received similar letters.

Colwell passed his information along to investigators.