Hostage Rescued on I-35

11-17-04 - A Lone Grove man being held hostage at gunpoint used his wits to engineer his own rescue Wednesday afternoon. Brian Gage says a man jumped in his Ford pick-up at the 1st mile marker exit ramp of I-35, around 3:30pm. The man claimed to have a gun, and told Gage to drive him to Purcell.

Gage bought some time by saying he had to gas up his truck at a nearby convenience store. On the way back to his truck, Gage slipped a note to a security guard, saying he was being held hostage.

Authorities tracked down the truck about 15 miles later, near Marietta. Officers pulled over the truck, and the suspect surrendered peacefully. That 51-year-old man, from Del City, is being held in the Love County jail on pending kidnapping charges.