North Texas Iraqis Vote

1-30-05- Hundreds of Iraqis from North Texas are voting in Sunday's historic election, but they have to travel several hundred miles to do it.
But Dallas lawyer Windle Turley unexpectedly provided them with a jet to a polling site in Tennessee, traveling up and back the same day.

It's a day that almost didn't happen for hundreds of North Texas Iraqis.
Business and family obligations meant they couldn't take the weekend off to drive the 665 miles to Nashville.

On Saturday, Windle Turley said he hadn't learned of their plight until
the night before.

It's estimated five hundred Iraqis from North Texas made the trek,
mostly in car caravans. Security is an issue here as it is abroad.
Casting a ballot requires serious commitment: would-be voters had to
register in person days ago, then return this weekend to cast their