Norwegian walks across U.S.

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. -- Cancer is a devastating disease affecting so many worldwide. A Norwegian man is walking across the country in hopes of cure. We caught up with him on the road for his story.

About a month ago, Steffan Lian arrived in San Diego and began his trek across the United States. He's walking to Savannah, Georgia, telling as many people as he can about cancer along the way.

As trucks whiz by on Highway 82, Steffan walks for miles, far from his native Norway, for a specific cause.

"I'm talking to as many people as I can,” he says. “Nice news people like you guys and everybody I come across. Just telling my story and everybody gets interested and it's just a great experience."

Steffan's younger brother died of cancer years ago, so he's walking in his memory and to bring awareness to the issue. He has volunteered at a camp for children with cancer, and knows the disease effects many.

"I think cancer hits everybody,” he says. “That's something that everyone has had a friend, or a cousin or a brother or a mother or a father that had cancer of have passed away from cancer and it's just an awful thing."

He covers about thirty miles a day. He had to take a bus through the desert where the police would not let him walk. He only carries a backpack, and music to help pass the time and keep his mind off of his sore feet.

"I actually started planning it 2 years ago and nobody believed me they were like, 'that's great Steffan, you do that' and nobody really believed me, but when I bought my plane ticket and flew over everyone was like, really Steffan you're going to do it!"

He tries to find a place to pitch his tent every night. Today it's a business outside Honey Grove. Even though it's an unusual way to support a cause, he says it attracts attention, and hopefully will inspire others to join the fight against cancer.

Steffan says the walk is going much faster than expected. He plans to be in Paris tomorrow and continue east. He's keeping a log of his travels and hopes to write a book about his experiences.

He wants to encourage everyone to donate time and money to your local cancer society to do any part to combat the disease.

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