Shooting in Boswell

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BOSWELL, OK -- A southern Oklahoma is community working to fight violent crime in their neighborhood. One man is in an Oklahoma City hospital recovering from gun shot wounds. He’s the victim of two incidents within days.

Todd Farrell took over as police Chief three months ago. During that time he has had two shootings. The victims were left with multiple bullet wounds.

The latest incident happened Tuesday night. When he arrived at the scene at 11th and Main St., one man had several wounds from a 22-caliber pistol. Police say he was shot three times: twice in the shoulder and once in the leg.

The victim was walking when another man shot him, Farrell says. On Saturday the same victim was stabbed multiple times.

"It’s a run of bad luck, I'm not trying to make light of the situation," he says.

Police will not release the victim's name, but says he's in good spirits even with the nerve damage.

"One of his boys told me when they loaded him up into the air ambulance he was sitting right there next to the pilot and said, ‘hey do I get to drive too?’"

Even though the victim is keeping a positive attitude, Chief Farrell says the violence is alarming. On October 19th, he says a man was shot about 12 times at a convenience store in town.

"We're just trying to be out there and be seen, community policing, talking to the public, let them know we're here for them."

For a small town of about 700 people, Chief Farrell says 2 shootings in 2 months, is too much. At the same time, fighting this kind of crime won't happen overnight.

"I just want to see this mess stopped,” he says. “And of course like anybody else i want it to stop now and it's not going to. We've got to take one step at a time to get it where we need to be."

Police say they have a good idea on who's responsible and a possible motive for the crime, but no arrests yet.

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