Air conditioners stolen from Sherman business

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- Sherman Police are investigating an unusual theft Wednesday night. Eleven air conditioning units estimated at a value of $30,000 were stolen from a Sherman shopping center. Now police are looking for who's responsible.

Westwood Village Shopping Center owner Ronny Fielder says he has had problems with thieves in the past but never to this magnitude. Now it’s in the hands of Sherman Police to find out who is responsible, and they say they are just as surprised as the owners.

Authorities say “shock” is the one word that comes to mind when they talk about the eleven air conditioning units stolen in one night from the Westwood Village Shopping Center in Sherman.

"We have had a couple stolen in the past with the most being two, but like I said they came in this time and took eleven and damaged one beyond repair."

Ronny Fielder says when he came to work on Wednesday he found eleven units ripped from the walls behind his shopping center. While he's surprised, he says stealing them apparently wasn't that hard and that it didn't seem to take the suspects long to do it. Fielder says he thinks they turned off the breakers, cut the line into the air conditioner, picked up the units, and drove off.

It’s the motive that remains unclear.

"Some of the electricians that I’ve been dealing with say they might be selling the units as a complete package instead of just taking the copper."

Police say many thieves sabotage electrical devices for the expensive copper wiring inside. Sherman Police officials say thefts have been on the rise because thieves are willing to sell the copper for profit.

"It’s hard to say with trends but with regards to the air conditioners and power lines, most go after those because copper prices have reached new heights and that has increased theft," Sgt. Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department says.

Because of that police urge all businesses to be careful with their equipment and use plenty of lights and an alarm system, which Fielder agrees with.

Fielder is in the process of replacing all the units but Sherman Police want your help to find the person responsible.

If you have any information on the thefts you are asked to call 903-892-7290.

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