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It’s the busiest time of the year to travel. There are 21 days between thanksgiving and Christmas, and those are the most expensive days to hit the highways and skyways.

It's the most expensive time to fly, especially if you wait until the last minute, but for procrastinators out there, we’ve found the cheapest round trip airfare

The countdown is on, the holidays are here, and if you're just now trying to catch a flight you can expect to pay a pretty penny, unless of course Rudolph is willing to give you a ride.

Dee Lough, the owner of Travel Partners in Sherman, offers two simple pieces of advice.

"Pack light, and be prepared."

With her help, we're on a mission to find the cheapest flight possible this holiday season.

If you plan on flying this holiday season, flexibility is key. Monday, December 17 and Monday, December 24 are the cheapest days to fly this holiday season, without the burden of traveling on Christmas Day.

"It’s a Catch 22--because if you want to be at home for Christmas you can get less expensive fair if you travel the 17th or 22nd,” Lough says.

We checked out three of the most popular airlines in our area. For a round trip flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Seattle, American has the best rate at $424. Southwest is next at $441, followed by Delta at $584.

While the cost isn't as cheap as some may want, you should have thought about that a few months ago!

"You’re just going to wind up at the last minute, taking what's left. So it's a good idea to make reservations before September or October."

Lough also reminds travelers to be patient this holiday season and has these few simple tips.

"You need to be at the airport no less than an hour and a half before take off because these days they close the gates 30 minutes before the scheduled take off time. If your traveling domestically, you must have a current drivers license or government issued ID in addition to a ticket.”

Patience is also a virtue. Remember to have fun and plan ahead so next year isn't as stressful!

The Web is a great place to find a flight. Check the links below for more.

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