Ardmore Police confirm shooting

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ARDMORE, OK -- Ardmore Police confirmed allegations of a shooting that happened two days ago. Police say they are looking for suspects who were driving a red Dodge single cab pick-up truck.

They believe the occupants inside the truck are responsible for shooting out the back window of this car, narrowing missing one of the occupants

Police say the incident happened on Sam Noble Parkway and P-Street.

Police do not have a motive as to why the shooting occurred.

"Anytime you have someone firing a gun from a moving vehicle, they had no concern for anyone’s safety," Ardmore Police Lt. Eric Hamblin said.

Police say there were three people inside the red truck. If you have any information, contact the Ardmore Police.

Original story
ARDMORE, Okla. -- Ardmore Police are investigating allegations of someone shooting out a window of a moving vehicle. Police are not releasing many details but they say it was not a drive-by shooting.

According to police, they are looking into those allegations if indeed a shooting occurred, but the people inside the car say it was a bullet that shattered the back windshield of their car, narrowly missing one of the occupants.

"Yesterday about 3:30 in the afternoon, we received a report of an allegation that someone had shot the window out of another vehicle as they were driving down the road in Ardmore. At this time, it’s under investigation." Ardmore P.D. Lt. Eric Hamblin says.

Police are still looking into those allegations.

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