Plano Mom Incompetent for Trial

McKINNEY, Texas (AP) - A jury in McKinney today decided a woman
accused of killing her daughter by cutting off the baby's arms --
is incompetent for trial.

A judge is expected to issue an order committing Dena Schlosser of Plano to the North Texas State Hospital in Vernon, for mental evaluation.

Schlosser is charged with capital murder in the November 22nd death of ten-month-old Margaret Schlosser. The woman has admitted to severing the child's arms.

Schlosser was in court today, but never testified.

Earlier today, a court-appointed psychiatrist testified that Schlosser suffers from bipolar disorder and depression and is an extreme suicide risk.

Doctor David Self evaluated Schlosser over the weekend.

Self last month determined that Schlosser suffered from bipolar disorder and postpartum onset and was unfit for trial.