Thomas Trial: Weapons, Friend Highlight Day 3

02-17-05 – Day three of the Andre Thomas trial focused on the details of the crime scene investigation. The three kitchen knives used in the murders were shown to the jury, while a DNA expert also testified on the blood stains on each of the knives.

Thomas spent this morning’s testimony the same way he has most of the trial, sitting silently in his chair squeezing a stress ball.

Prosecutors hope today’s witnesses that include a toxicologist, fingerprint analyst, and chemist, will show that the murders were premeditated.

Afternoon testimony shifted to personal relationships when Isiah Gibbs, a longtime friend of Thomas, recalled intense arguments between Andre and Laura, most of which revolved around Andre Jr. Gibbs even mentioned that the child’s nickname was “Juicy”, due to his round cheeks.

Prior to taking the stand, Gibbs passed a note to Thomas that said he loved him and was praying for him.