Southmayd considering eliminating police force

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SOUTHMAYD, Tex. -- Police officers in Southmayd might soon be looking for new jobs. The city's budget troubles are no secret, and now one possible solution has residents concerned for their safety. Stephanie Brletic has more.

One of the proposed solutions on the table is the dismissal of the entire police force, a proposal that's meeting with a lot of resistance from residents.

Mayor Daniel Pepe says the city's budget woes are no secret and says the city can't keep losing money. He says council members are looking at any and every possible solution to help the city stay in the black, one of which is eliminating the police department.

"We don't know what's going to happen," Pepe says.

Residents are hoping that staying on budget doesn't cost them their safety by losing police presence in the city. Police officers say they worry more about community safety than they worry about keeping their jobs.

If the police department is eliminated, the Grayson County Sheriff's Office will serve as the area's law enforcement.

Mayor Pepe says nothing is definite, and right now there are no plans to take action on dismantling the department. Any action to eliminate the department would take place at a city council public session.

The next council meeting is scheduled for January 8. Agendas for the meeting will be posted in the local newspaper, at the post office, and in city hall.

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