Fire Claims Two Local Businesses

12-18-04- Fire destroyed two Ardmore businesses on Saturday, the cause of both fires, investigators say, was likely faulty electrical wiring. One of the businesses was an auto repair shop and the other was a pawn shop.

The auto repair shop is located on P Street southeast. Firefighters say fighting the fire was tricky because there were cars full of gasoline inside the building. The metal structure contained most of the heat melting everything inside, including the roof. Firefighters say part of the building can be saved but the inside is a total loss.

Electrical wiring is also to blame for another business fire in Ardmore Friday night. The Bis Six Pawn shop off South Commerce will be temporarily closed while the owner tries to clean up the mess. Friefighters say the fire began in the back of the building around midnight. Most of the damage inside is from smoke, but it could cost the owner more than one hundred thousand dollars.