Autistic boy's pledge to help others

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DENISON, TX - A local Denison boy battling Autism is reaching out to help others who are less fortunate. 13-year old Matt Cowan was diagnosed with Autism when he was just 3 years old. He says he was very lucky that his parents were able to afford to pay for his treatment.
Now he's spearheading a fundraising drive, hoping to raise money to help others with the same condition.

"I always thought that there are probably people who need more help than I do." said Matt Cowan.

Wise words from a 13 year old. Matt Cowan has been battling Autism his whole life. About 2 weeks ago while riding home from therapy with his mom, Matt said something that moved her to tears.

His birthday is coming up in November and he's decided to give all his birthday money to a charity.

"So I said what kind of charity are you thinking about and he said maybe like some kids with autism like me who maybe can't get help." Lori Cowan said.

Matt realizes that he's been fortunate enough to have access to treatments and therapy that not every autistic kid's family can afford so this is his way of lending a hand.

"I've always been a helpful person all throughout my life and I thought I can make a bigger difference than I ever have." said Cowan.

So Matt and his mom, Lori Cowan, researched charities online and chose one called Autism Speaks. They set up a donation page in Matt's name asking for donations in the amount of 14 dollars since Matt will turn 14 on November 4th.

"We thought aw you know we'll get 10 people ya know 140 bucks plus his money so we were thinking you know about 200 dollars and not in 5 weeks but in 5 hours this kid was already over 200 dollars." Lori Cowan said.

Cowan says they've never really looked at Matt being autistic as a disability but rather a challenge that they choose to meet. Matt continues to exceed doctors expectations and his compassion for others is unparalleled.

"When he was a little baby at day care he would never sleep at nap time but he would go around to the other baby's in the crib and put his little arm through and pat the baby's to get them to go to sleep he's just always been a sweet giving soul that's just Matt." said Lori Cowan.

To visit Autism Speaks and make a donation click on the link below.

Donate here

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