Locals Help Tsunami Victims as Death Toll Climbs to 76,700

12-29-04 The death toll from this weeks Tsunami is now estimated to be at least 76,700 people and that number expected to rise even more over the coming days. Now internation health officials say the worst is yet to come. State Department Officials say they have located a number of Americans. Still, hundreds of Americans remain unaccounted for. The United States has increased aid to the area, adding another 20- million dollars to the 15-million already promised.
Now Students at Austin college are helping as well. Wednesday December 29th students will gather needed supplies at the Wright Center at Austin College. The drive from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. Supplies needed include bandages, antibiotic cream, and pain relievers. They will be delivering everything they collect to a relief shelter in Bangkok, Thailand..