Local Teacher Missing

1-5-05 - A north Texas kindergarten teacher has been missing for more than a week and authorities fear foul play could be involved. Authorities were notified on Monday that Katherine Stobaugh hadn’t been seen since December 28th. Her 16-year-old daughter filed a report at the same time that school officials in Nocona contacted Stobaugh’s home after she failed to show up for class.

Stobaugh lives in Sanger and was last seen at her estranged husband’s home on the 28th. He claimed they had discussed the division of property due to their pending divorce and then she had left the home and drove away. But on Monday, authorities found her car sitting in his driveway. The husband claims it was there the morning after she left.

Investigators are questioning the husband, but won’t say whether he is a suspect in her disappearance. Texas rangers and Denton County Sheriff's Deputies searched her husband's property yesterday and found nothing. Today they interviewed friends and family.