Police Make Arrests in “Special K” Bust

1-7-05 – Police in Durant say there’s a new trend developing among drug dealers in the area. Authorities are asking veterinarians to lock up prescriptions meant for animals after a recent theft.

Forty nine vials of the animal tranquilizer, Ketamine, were stolen from The Durant Animal Hospital on West Mulberry Street on New Years Day. Ketamine, also known as “Special K” on the streets, is the main ingredient of the date rape drug. If the drug is slipped into a drink, it causes hallucinations, loss of muscle control, memory and death.

Two, twenty year old Durant residents were arrested. Mark Moody and Joshua Spencer are charged with possession of a controlled substance and stolen property.

Police state there is no evidence either suspect used the drug on anyone besides themselves.

It has been several months since Durant police received reports of people claiming they were victimized by the drug, but authorities say there is a heightened concern that there is more Ketamine available on the streets.

The value of the stolen drugs amounted to over $5,000. Police are still investigating and indicate more arrests are likely in this case.