Baseball Hearings Go Extra Innings

CAPITOL HILL (AP) - Major League Baseball commissioner Bug Selig
has swung back against lawmakers who've spent the day bashing the
league about steroid abuses.

Selig had to come up behind an all-star roster of current and former players, including Mark McGwire, who declined to say if he's ever used steroids.

Also on the hot seat were Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro, who
both flatly denied using steroids. Admitted user Jose Canseco --
who's penned a tell-all book -- said he has nothing to hide.

But Selig said talk of steroids in baseball has been blown out
of proportion.

He said there is "no concrete evidence," "no testing evidence" and "no other kind of evidence." Some lawmakers called the league's steroid policy weak. And sharing the spotlight with the players, others gushed about the sport.