14-year Coal County cold case reopened

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COAL COUNTY, OK -- 14 years ago, Kevin Farris went looking for arrowheads with two other men just southwest of Tupelo, and was never seen again. After about a six month long investigation, the case went cold. Now, the Coal County Sheriff's Office along with OSBI have a new reason to reopen the case.

Coal County investigators say they now have new information in the disappearance of 34-year-old Kevin Farris.

"Some viable information was received by our local law enforcement agency. They followed up on that information that's been obtained. They believe it's very viable," assistant district attorney Eric Johnson said.

Sheriff Bryan Jump says that is what spurred his office, along with OSBI, to reopen the investigation.

"As the chief law enforcement of Coal County, we're throwing all of our resources into this case," Sheriff Jump said.

In March, 1999, Kevin Farris along with two other men went arrowhead hunting southwest of Tupelo. The men he was with told authorities Farris heard a noise near his truck and went to check it out.

The two men told authorities that when it was time to go home, they went back to Farris' truck. They say they waited a while and when he never showed up, they thought he'd left. So, they left a note on his windshield and left on foot.

"We feel like it's been a violent crime that's occurred. And then victim has been deceased since April of 1999. And we obviously have some suspects that's walking around that's capable of doing this again," Sheriff Jump said.

Evidence was collected from the scene, and investigators searched nearby ponds and wells but Farris' body has never been found.

"A crime that's been committed in this jurisdiction doesn't just go away," Johnson said.

Assistant district attorney, Eric Johnson, says this case sticks out in many Coal County residents' minds.

"We've got a lot of family members of Kevin Farris that are still in this community that want to have closure," he said.

Farris' family released this statement about the investigation:

"With it being 14 years, the news came as a shock. But, we have faith in the current administration to bring closure," Justin Farris said.

Anyone who has any information about Farris' disappearance, even if you've shared that information with authorities in the past, are asked to contact the Coal County Sheriff's Office or the OSBI tip line. All information provided will remain confidential.

Sheriff's Office: 580-927-2121
OSBI Tip Line: 1-800-522-8017

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