Facebook affects job seekers

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SHERMAN, TX - If you're in the market for a job, experts say you might need to spruce up more than just your resume, because your Facebook profile could keep you from getting the job you want.

Experts say because of the popularity of social media, it's getting harder to keep your personal life completely separate from your professional life.
One survey shows more than a third of employers say they've decided not to hire someone based on their Facebook profile.

What does your Facebook page say about you? Some experts say it can tell employers all they need to know.

"I'm extremely careful about what I put on Facebook." said college student, Chrissie Middleton.

"Your information is out there somehow, whether you block it or not." said Margie Norman.

Margie Norman is the Career Services Director at Austin College. She says students are surprised when she's able to access Facebook information, they think is private.

"I pulled up their profile and showed them what I could see and I wasn't even friends with them and it was pretty shocking." Norman said.

Norman says one of the ways potential employers can access information on Facebook without being your friend, is by going through your other friends.

"If they're able to see who any of your friends are, they can access your friends pages and if the friends don't have the privacy settings on, then they can get through to you through your friends." said Norman.

"I thought that my profile was completely protected or completely private and I wasn't aware that she would be able to see anything on my wall, I thought that my wall would be completely blocked, but there were some pictures that she could see." Middleton said.

Although senior, Chrissie Middleton, says she isn't quite ready to enter the job market, she's always careful with social media.

"I'm friends with my mom on Facebook, so I always think about that when I post something on my wall or post something on someone else's wall, I think about who's going to see this and what I'm seeing." Middleton said.

Middleton says she understands why more employers are turning to Facebook for information on job candidates but she's not sure it's a fair assessment.

"It's very intimidating to think that my employer is going to look at my facebook and be able to get their first impression of me." said Middleton.

Norman says you can change privacy settings on your Facebook account to better protect your online image but she also warn against posting inappropriate pictures and allowing distasteful posts on your wall. What you put on the internet stays there for ever.

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