Local Woman Recalls Meeting Pope

4-3-05- As the world mourns the Pope, a Denison woman is spending her time sharing the story of the time she met him on his only visit to Texas. Susanna says her dream of meeting the Pope became a reality in 1987.

Susanna dreamed of traveling to Italy to meet the Pope. She was never able to make that trip, but she was able to travel to San Antonio, Texas to meet the Pope 18 years ago.

Susanna joined other Catholics at Saint Patrick's Church in Denison to mourn the Pope. The doors of the church were covered in black cloth. The devout Catholic credits the Pope with restoring her faith and she still carries pictures from that day, when she stood in a crowd of thousands to catch a glimpse of the Holy Father.

She recalls the Pope uttering some words in Spanish at the end of the mass about the Texas climate- " It's hot!."

Saint Patrick's will have its official memorial service for Pope John Paul II on Monday at 7:00 p.m.