Child Abuse Issues Highlighted in April

4-4-05 – Officials say they’re working on new ways to raise awareness of child abuse. Last year, Child Protective Services saw 1,300 abuse referrals in Grayson County. Two hundred of those referrals were confirmed as instances of abuse and neglect.

Now, local agencies are partnering to educate the community on abuse issues.

“It's only getting worse. As people move around in this fluid and mobile society, they're bringing in problems," said Cherie Wallis Jackson, Executive Director of CASA.

Court Appointed Special Advocates joined Grayson County Juvenile Alternatives, CPS and the Children’s Advocacy Center for a visual display – showing how prevalent abuse is in today’s community.

The month kicked off with a balloon launch Friday afternoon. Pre-school students from Jefferson Elementary released blue and pink balloons representing victims of abuse.

Commissioners in Grayson County also declared April “Child Abuse Prevention Month.”

“Our leaders are supposed to be the people who stand up for what’s right and if we voice our opinions about things, other people will listen,” said David Whitlock – a Grayson County Commissioner.