New Highs for Gas Prices

4-8-05 - IRVING, Texas (AP) The weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey found regular unleaded self-serve averaging more than two dollars 15 cents a gallon. That's almost nine cents a gallon higher than last week and almost 50 cents a gallon higher than last year's average.

The cheapest prices are in the Austin area, where they averaged just over two dollars 13 cents a gallon - or more than nine cents over last week.

The costliest pump prices are in the Dallas area, where they averaged more than two dollars 16 cents a gallon - or a weekly increase of almost eight cents.

The national prices are also at record levels - averaging more than two dollars and 25 cents a gallon, up more than nine cents from last week.

Triple-A Texas spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says oil and gasoline supplies are ample, but the high cost of crude is driving prices upward. She says those prices are expected to continue rising for at least two more weeks.

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