Shooting victim speaks gun safety

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SHERMAN, TX-A Sherman man hit by a stray bullet in February may lose the use of his arm because of the injury. Now, he's speaking out about gun safety to prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.
Nathan Carrell has been in and out of hospitals 60 times. Months after being shot, he said he's still in pain because of complications caused by the bullet--that's still in his arm.
Nathan Carrell thought it was just an ordinary February night.

"I walked outside and I was just standing on the front porch and around 8:00, out of nowhere, my arm just went numb and went dead and it curled up. And I just realized that I've been shot," he said.

Carrell was admitted to TMC that night. Doctors told him the bullet didn't exit his arm, but broke into 12 pieces. They decided not to operate, saying it could make the situation worse. But now, months later, the shards are causing him intense pain.

"It's doing better, but these fingers are still numb and they have to go back and take this off and they've had to do 4-5 surgeries on the arm since it happened. And the shards are still in there but they'll be there forever," he said.

Despite doctors telling him he may lose the use of of his arm, Carrell considered himself lucky.

"It just made me think, you know, it could've come up higher and it could've been fatal. Or, it could've been two inches lower and it could've gone into my heart," he said.

"Since it was a .22 they could've hit a tree limb, that could've easily ricocheted 90 degrees over 3/4 of a mile. A .22 can travel," said Grayson county sheriff's Sgt. Rickey Wheeler.

He said neighbors heard gunshots that night.

"We spoke with all the neighbors we could there in the area, asked if anyone was shooting. No one admitted to shooting. They had heard several gunshots in the area. It's commonplace for people to shoot out there close to the refuge," he said.

Because several homes are close to the Hagerman Wildlife Refuge, Wheeler advises, while it's legal to shoot in that area, shooters need to be extra careful.

"If you're gonna be shooting into the air please know that if you miss your target, know the direction your bullet's gonna be going. Be sure it's still on your property," he said.

"I hope nothing like this happens again to anybody," Carrell said.

He is not looking to file any charges, but if you have any information on this shooting contact the Grayson County Sheriff's office (903) 813-4200

The family also set up an account at American Bank of Texas in Grayson county under "Nathan Carrell."

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