Smoke Signals - Cardinals Go Into 2nd Day

VATICAN CITY (AP) - There was some initial confusion among the
thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square, as smoke started to waft
from the Sistine Chapel's chimney.

Many in the crowd of 40,000 started shouting "It's white." But the cries quickly gave way to sighs of disappointment as the smoke clearly became black, signaling the cardinals had failed to elect a new pope.

A Vatican Radio commentator was also confused at the first sign
of smoke -- announcing "It seems white," as the first puffs emerged. But as thick, darker smoke followed, the station proclaimed it black. The announcer later joked "It looks like the stove wasn't working well at first."

The cardinals will retire for the night and return to the chapel tomorrow morning for more rounds of balloting in their search for a successor to Pope John Paul.