Man working to save a piece of Denison's history

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DENISON, TX -- After spending countless hours to save his family's Denison home from being demolished. The homeowner tells us why he has fought to share it's history with the Texoma and the world.

After Walker Thomas got notice that his parents' home was on Denison's demolition list. He went to the council and asked them for the opportunity to save it.

When they heard that this was the first home of its kind built in the city they told Thomas he had six months to restore it.

Walker Thomas says he made a promise to his father before he passed to keep the house built back in the 1950s in the family. Thomas says even though restoring the home will be a hefty chore it is something he feels he must do.

"I can't say it's even so much as a promise to my dad as it is to myself you know they built a lot in the 50 years that they were married together and it's just something that should just pass through my hands and through my others,"Thomas said.

Thomas says the home is unique and is a part of Denison's history. His father Sgt. Walker Thomas was a WWII veteran and his house was the first constructed in Denison by a black family with 100 percent GI financing.

Walker says through hours already spent fixing up the home he has learned even more about his family's history.

"Going back through this is just establishing a timeline of unanswered questions in my life so it's really quite fun," Thomas said.

Denison City Council Member Obie Greenleaf says he is overjoyed to see Walker restore the home and keep a bit of history alive.

"There's a ton of history in this community matter of fact were sitting right in the middle of a lot of history right now,"Greenleaf said.

Walker says he is just at the beginning and has a long way to go, but says he hopes to have the project finished in September and knows when it is complete he will have made his family proud.

"It means a lot to me. I mean it means everything to me."Thomas said.

To build the original home it cost a little more than $6,200 dollars, but Walker says by time it is finished the selling price would probably be around $30,000. However, Walker says he does not plan on selling the home. He says after the renovations complete he plans to keep it up and retire in it.

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