15 Acres burned along Fannin County highway

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FANNIN CO, TX-Flames blazed along a busy Fannin county highway, burning up 15 acres Tuesday afternoon and fire officials said our recent drought is to blame.

Dodd city firefighters rushed to a 15-acre fire on Highway 82 east of Bonham around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"We confirmed there were two spot fires along Highway 82 rapidly growing to the north."

Volunteer Fire Chief, Chris Flippin, called for mutual aid immediately as the flames spread along the highway.
He said that's always been the case during the summertime, when the drought is at its worst.

"Last year and this year has been very hard for fire departments, it's been very dry," he said.

Firefighters said because of the drought, a small spark can easily ignite and spread into a 10 acre fire.

"It doesn't take much to get a fire going, and with this wind, we have about 10-15 mile an hour winds steady out of the south. We have these dry conditions and we have wind of that nature, the fire would spread very rapidly," Flippin said.

He said they have responded to more grass fires this year than last --three a week on average. And he said fighting more fires more often under the hot sun and dry conditions takes a toll on their health.

"It's very hot, we don't know the temperature for today but it's very hot. Luckily, the landowner came out and gave us cool water and Gatorade. It doesn't take very long for these guys to get hot and overheated in a fire like this," said Flippin.

Because of the high fire risk, emergency manager Darrell Brewer said Fannin County renewed their burn ban Monday.

"That means no outside burning, no welding, or anything like that because on a day like today where the grass is so dry with the wind blowing. It can just get away so fast," he said.

Flippin said the cause is still under investigation. No one was injured in the fire.

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