Snake sightings up across Texoma

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DENISON, TX -- Texoma's warm winter has brought snakes slithering out early this season.

"I have seen some snakes this year.. I know they're out and about, They're definitely very active right now." said Bryan Graham, gardener.

"Also with a mild winter, there's probably more rodents, their preferred food, mice and rats. Therefore they're more active and you'll see them more," said John Moczygemba, Fisheries Biologist.

Biologists say snakes hide in places that are unique to their species. Water Moccasins and Cottonmouths like tall grass near edges of banks. Copperheads and Rattlesnakes like tall grass too, but also wood piles.

So how do you know whether a snake's dangerous?

"One way to identify a poisonous snake in this area is they have a triangular head because of the fangs," said Moczygemba.

Non-poisonous snakes have thin, cigar-shaped heads.

Experts say if you are outside, always look down, and wear boots if you walk through tall grass.

To keep them out of your home keep your grass cut, and get rid of wood or brush piles. You can also use sulfur around the outside of your home, as a deterrent. There are even snake repellants sold at your local nurseries.