Zebra Mussels Confirmed in Lake Murray

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ARDMORE, OK--Zebra Mussels have made their way into Ardmore's Lake Murray .

Last Spring the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation test showed there was no evidence of zebra mussels in Lake Murray. But a water sample done two weeks ago confirmed they were there. Biologist said they believe sometime last year the zebra mussels made their way into the lake

WA Mclain is a frequent visitor of Lake Murray and said the news of the zebra mussels making their way to Lake Murray didn't surprise him because so many other lakes are infested.

"I wasn't really shocked to hear it when you have them that many in one lake your going spread it to the others" said Mclain.

Park officials said the news that zebra mussels have spread to lake Murray is disappointing. They said they've worked to avoid the spread for 5 years, posting warning signs for boaters to wash their boats. Mclain said he wishes people took the warning signs more seriously.

"People just don't take care of things. if it's not there's why worry about it but it is there's it belongs to all of us" said Mclain.

Officials said just one female zebra mussel can produce up to one million offspring in a year.Lindsay Vaughn owns a boat shop at lake Murray and said he is hopeful lake Murray's small size will keep the pests reaching infestation levels.

"i don't believe there's as much stuff for the zebra mussels to feed on so I don't know that they're going to take hold here like they did at Texoma so we're just going to wait and see" said Vaughn.

Biologist said Zebra Mussels can be very destructive not only to boats, but to the entire ecosystem and that there is no known way to treat them, so experts say they are doing their best to educate boaters about preventing the spread.

There are now nearly 20 Oklahoma lakes that have zebra mussels. Biologist said when Zebra mussels are first introduced there is usually a population spike before they die down but said it's too early to tell with Lake Murray.

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