Ardmore Post Office Renamed After Fallen Soldier

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ARDMORE, OK--Specialist Micheal E. Phillips joined the Army in 2006.His mother said he was the first Ardmore high school student to join the military while still attending the school.

"Funny kid very smart very very smart and he choose infantry because he felt like he had to stand up to the bullies" said Angelia Phillips.

Specialist Phillips went on to serve in Iraq with his friend of many years, Staff Sergeant Michael Crowson.
On Feburay 24th 2008 Specialist Phillips was killed after being hit by an EFT while on a security convoy.

“I was actually deployed in the same location at the same time and I remember his brother messaged me online and told me it that it happened I said that's not funny don’t joke around about that and found out that it was real" said Crowson.

Angelia Phillips said she wanted to keep her sons memory alive so she and Representative Tom Cole worked together to have the Ardmore Post office renamed after him. The post office will soon be called the "Specialist Micheal E. Phillips Post Office" under legislation recently signed by President Obama.

"We waited for it to be presented to the President and we had not gotten word, Thursday was my sons 24th birthday and just thought okay we only have one day left, it only has ten days after it’s presented to the President to be signed. I went to check and seen that it had been signed" said Angelia Phillips.

"A lot of them just get tossed away and nobody remembers them and I think it's you know the duty to put out to the people hey this guys a hero this guy did what he did in think it's great it's really great"

Specialist Phillips was awarded a Bronze Star and the "Distinguished Member of the 502nd Infantry Regiment" and soon a dedication ceremony will be held to celebrate the newly renamed Post Office.

"It is public law this is now official the specialist Micheal E. Phillips memorial Post Office" said Angelia Phillips.