Army Private Pleads Guilty

5-2-05 - FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) - Army Private Lynndie England has pleaded guilty to charges arising from her role in the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal.

England pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to maltreat prisoners, four counts of maltreating prisoners and one count of committing an indecent act.

In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop another count of committing an indecent act and one count of dereliction of duty.

If the plea's accepted by the Army judge, a jury of officers and enlisted soldiers will decide her punishment after a sentencing hearing expected to last several days. The plea deal lowers her maximum possible sentence from 16-and-a-half years in prison to eleven years.

The West Virginia soldier is one of seven members of the Maryland-based 372nd Military Police Company charged in the scandal. England appeared in some of the most graphic photos depicting physical mistreatment and sexual humiliation of Iraqi detainees at the prison.