Red Cross Funds to Help Firefighters

5-3-05 – Thousands of dollars have been granted to the Texoma Area Chapter of the American Red Cross to benefit local firefighters and victims of disaster.

The Red Cross earned a $37,000 grant from the Regional Headquarters after earning high marks at a practice drill in February.

Half of the money will be used to train new volunteers this June and the rest of the funds will go towards replacing their canteen truck. The truck, equipped with a mobile kitchen, provides food and water to firefighters and victims of disaster.

Volunteers say the truck is a vital part of their relief efforts, but the current unit is not practical. The Red Cross says the vehicle is too large and cannot travel on unpaved roads; pushing some disasters beyond their reach.

The new canteen truck will be smaller and easier to maneuver.

“This is a real boost for us to get this to prepare for disaster. We feel like we’ve done it and we’ve earned it because we did a good job on our drill,” said Sharon Watson – the Director of the Texoma Chapter.

The new vehicle will only be used to respond to local disasters across Grayson, Cooke, and Fannin Counties.