Lake businesses prepare for big Memorial Day crowds

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LAKE TEXOMA-- This warm spring weather is bringing out more than ducks to Lake Texoma. Visitors are starting to drive in and unload for Memorial Day weekend. Marinas, campgrounds, and restaurants in the area are more than ready.

In Oklahoma, Newberry Creek Marina will be packed to capacity. General Manager, Jerry Current, said his guests can't wait to be back in the water.

"I think this year is going to be spectacular because of the pent up frustration of not having a labor day last year."

But Newberry Creek isn't the only place planning for big crowds. Marinas in both Texas and Oklahoma expect an economic boom this weekend.

Thousands of dollars will be spent on food, drinks, and gas. It's money that business owners hope makes up for loss of business over last Labor day.

Highport Marina's President, Tim Hayes, said they've already seen hundreds of people this season. In fact, last weekend's business was record setting. He said his staff is preparing for thousands of people this weekend.

"I can rest assured that we aren't going to run out of anything. We've doubled up on our fuel, our adult beverages, food, soft drinks, water, everything. We are fully staffed for the weekend. Very, very exciting time for us, we've been waiting since Labor day."

A.J. Blackwell and his family have already set up several campers. And he's already been in the water, but has many more plans.

"Like boat, tube, swim, catch a fish with my bear hands, something like that," Blackwell said with excitement.

Marinas aren't the only places that are booked for the weekend. So are all nine public campgrounds, run by the Army Corps of Engineers, with hundreds of people staying for the weekend.

"All of our campgrounds are to capacity. All of our sites reserved, it's going, it's going to be busy," said, Park Ranger, Shae Harrison.

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