Tax Money Tug-of-War in Ardmore

5-4-05 – A Southern Oklahoma School is questioning the fairness of an economic development plan in Ardmore. The small school district of Springer depends heavily on local ad valorem tax money; most of it is generated by the Ardmore Air Park.

However, new business at the Air Park is bringing in nearly $500,000 in tax money for the Ardmore Development Authority, not the school district. For five years, the ad valorem tax money will be used to pay back the ADA for developing the TIF District, the land around the Ardmore Air Park.

Springer school officials say they want a piece of the pie because the developing land lies in their district.

The ADA says the district will eventually benefit from the development, but that may take a few years.

The Springer School District filed a resolution with Carter County in 2004, opposing any more TIF district development at the Air Park.