Denison one of Texas Monthly's "Best Summer Drives"

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DENISON, TX-The city of Denison is getting some statewide recognition from a well-known Texas magazine.
Victoria Maranan tells that could mean for the city.
The June issue of "Texas Monthly" named Denison one of the "16 Best Summer Drives" in Texas for its thriving downtown and detailed history. And area businesses say the recognition is not only a boost for hometown pride, it could be a big boost for business.
Residents, John Palmer and Joshua Hill said there's a lot to see en route to Denison.

"I'm on the road quite often and Denison is a beautiful to drive in especially if you go out on some of the rural highways, get to get into a lot of pretty land. It's really beautiful," said Palmer.

"Denison has still held on to its own heritage. You know, it still looks like an old town and it does allow people to come by. When I'm walking around I can picture how it used to look like," said Hill.

Denison's downtown area has been featured in "Texas Monthly's" 148 mile "Old Fashioned Drive," featuring towns along highway 82 between Paris and Decatur.

"It was really nice to see someone from out of town to recognize all the work that has gone on to make downtown vibrant and alive again."

Denison Chamber of Commerce president, Anna McKinney said she didn't expect the city to be featured on "Texas Monthly."

"This kind of publicity is what we dreamed about, advertising for us with a small budget is very difficult," she said.

She said a big publication like the "Texas Monthly" can reach potential visitors who can help keep the cash flow going for local businesses.

"When we can get people off of that beaten path, off of 75 and bring them downtown, it really generates a lot of new dollars and can have a long lasting economic impact," she said.

Businesses, like Blue Moon Antiques.

"Most of the exposure that we've had has been on Facebook, through blogs and things like that. But that Texas Monthly did something on us really makes me feel special and gives me a lot of pride as a business owner," said owner, Andrew Popplewell.

"This gives them an inkling of what we're all about and I hope not just people from out of town, but we hope our local people will go downtown and shop and go to the rialto and enjoy all the really neat things that we have here," said McKinney.

"Personally I hope it brings more business because there's a lot of businesses that are shutting down here because a lot of people haven't been coming by," said Hill.

Another Texoma town featured in the June issue is the city of Gainesville for its historic courthouse.

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