'Michelin' Twister - 10 Years Later

5-7-05 - Ten years ago, an F-4 tornado ripped through south-central Oklahoma, leaving homes and businesses from the Red River to Ardmore in ruins. It was May 7th, 1995 when the large twister took a total of 3 lives and cost more than $75 million in damages.

Most of that was at Ardmore Michelin plant – which received $45 million in damage. The Plainview High School lost its roof, and several homes in the nearby Southern Hills addition were badly damaged.

An RV campground near the Falconhead resort looked like a war zone – motor homes and travel trailers were tossed like toys – debris scattered for hundreds of feet. The three fatalities occurred in the same area.

But finding evidence of the damage today is hard to do. Michelin not only rebuilt, but expanded the plant. Homes were rebuilt in Southern Hills and Falconhead. Meanwhile, Ardmore and Carter County emergency management teams have improved their tornado and storm prediction abilities.