Convicted Child Molester Wants New Trial

5-18-05 - A former mayor of Ravenna who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two young girls may get a new trial on a legal technicality.

Lyndon Hale fled Fannin County shortly after his indictment in 1999 for sexually abusing his own daughter and step-daughter. He was captured in 2003 living in Canada and last year made a plea deal and is serving a 35 year sentence. But last month he filed a writ of habeas corpus, claiming his attorney never advised him that the statute of limitations may have passed by the time he was indicted.

At that time, it was 10 years. Hale claims if he'd known that, he never would have accepted the plea deal. A judge heard the writ last week, and should make a ruling by the end of the month. If the judge rules that Hale did receive ineffective counsel, his case will go to an appellate court.