Bush, Putin Mark WW II Anniversary

5-9-05 - MOSCOW (AP) World leaders converged on Red Square in Moscow today for a big parade to celebrate the allied victory in World War Two.

Cannons boomed, music blared and ranks of soldiers marched past, many in uniforms like those the Red Army wore into battle 60 years ago. Fighter jets screamed overhead streaming colored smoke.

Russian President Vladimir Putin led the observance, calling the allied triumph over the Nazis a "victory of good over evil."

President Bush sat next to Putin in bleachers erected in front of the Kremlin walls. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was among the four dozen other leaders who watched.

Putin recalled the huge price paid by the Soviet Union in the war -- an estimated 28 million dead. He said, "I bow low before all veterans of Great Patriotic War."

President Bush and Russian President Putin may have their differences -- but Bush says "there's a lot we can do together."

Visiting Putin at his country house near Moscow, Bush thanked him for his help on Iran and the Middle East.

Bush called Russia "a great nation" and said he's "looking forward to working together on big problems."

The two leaders ignored reporters' questions and kept their discussions private. Bush had been expected to raise some concerns about Moscow's commitment to democracy.

Their public remarks were upbeat. The Russian leader even let Bush drive his white Volga sedan from one building to another for dinner with their wives.