Fallin signs bill to help veterans find jobs

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DURANT, OK-Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed a bill into law Wednesday that will help hundreds of thousands of veterans find a job after serving overseas.
There are about 329,000 veterans in Oklahoma and this new law, not only will help them find jobs, it'll make it easier for them to transition to civilian life. I spoke with a local veteran and an employer about what they think of this new law.
Vietnam veteran, Lynn Skocdopole remembers what it was like trying to find a job after serving in the armed forces.

"If you came right out of the military and tried to find a job, janitors was your best," he said.

With jobs hard to come by, he decided to return to military life.

"I gave up and re-enlisted, so I went and stayed with the army for another 6 years," he said.

Wednesday, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed a bill aimed at helping veterans find jobs when they get home so military servicemen and women won't have to face the same difficulties that Skocdopole did.

"Better than what the federal government is offering. I work with veterans through the week trying to help them get medical benefits, go to school, fill out the paperwork to get a home if that's what they need to do if they get a job," Skocdopole said.

"We recognize the importance of hiring veterans and are proud to have about 10,000 veterans working for Union Pacific."

Union Pacific spokesperson, Raquel Espinoza said military service members can apply the skills they learn from the field to the railroad.

"They're a perfect match for jobs on the railroad. We have a lot of opportunities that lend themselves to employees with military backgrounds that include train crew positions, diesel mechanic, diesel electricians, we have a lot of leadership opportunities," she said.

"They come with a wealth of work experience and anything that we can do to help those who have served our country is the right thing to do," Espinoza added.

Skocdopole said rail work is one of the better jobs waiting for those coming home after years of military service.

"It's good work. It's probably some of the higher paying work that you can get into. It's more steady employment than if you went out and worked at an oil rig right now."

Union Pacific is currently hiring because much of their workforce is retiring.
The new law will take effect in November.

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