Buckle Up - Click it or Ticket

5-22-05- Ardmore police are telling drivers to buckle up, or you could pay the fine of your life. Oklahoma's "Click it or Ticket" campaign starts Monday, but it is not just the OHP cracking down, local police departments are out as well.

We went along for the ride Sunday and discovered that although putting on your seatbelt seems like a simple task, many people just aren't doing it. In just one hour, and Ardmore patrol officer ticketed five people for not wearing seatbelts. But it is not just adults not wearing their seatbelts, many kids aren't strapped in either.

Click It or Ticket is a "no-tolerance" campaign which means you WILL receive a ticket if you are pulled over. The campaign goes until June 5th, but officers with the Ardmore Police Department are looking to extend it year round.