Students Speak Out about Bullying

5-23-05 – A local school is trying a new approach to stop bullying. Students at Pottsboro Middle School have formed a program called, “Bully Busters.” They identify peers who pick on classmates, then arrange mediation with the help of teachers.

They are trying to prevent depression and even death. In just the past two years, three teen suicides were reported in nearby Whitesboro. Pottsboro students say the tragic statistic is inspiration for a program that could keep students from hurting themselves.

"No one should feel like that. No one should not want to come to school because of someone else hurting their feelings or hurting them physically," said Rebecca Jones – a student and “Bully Buster.”

The Pottsboro “Bully Busters” took their cause to the school board last week and plan to carry the program into high school next year.