Pottsboro graduate receives special surprise

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POTTSBORO, TX -- It was an emotional day for Taylor Pinion, a Pottsboro High School Senior.

Saturday afternoon she knew she'd receive her diploma, but had no idea what graduation gift was waiting for her outside the high school's doors.

Specialist Danielle Sexton has been on a tour in Afghanistan for a year and knew this day meant a lot to her younger sister.

"I know she was really excited for me to come to graduation. So, I made it a little point to not come so it would be a bigger surprise when I got here," said Sexton.

"I was very sad. I was like 'oh, I don't get to see my sister, but I'm very happy she's here," said Pinion.

Their mother was all tears watching her girls reunite.

"It's been a really emotional day. My husband passed away, their dad passed away a year ago. So, it was kind of going to be hard on her that she wasn't going to get to be here for her graduation. So, it was a really great surprise for her to do," said Laura Marshall.

Specialist Sexton and her husband will be home for a month before returning to Germany.

"The girls are both just very special. Their personalities are so different but they're just sweet, loving sisters, and just the closest that two girls could ever be," said Marshall.

"That was a proud moment, watching her walk that stage," said Sexton.