Grieving Parents Call for ATV Regulation

5-12-05 - WASHINGTON (AP) All-terrain vehicles can be fun, but also deadly.

Sue Rabe lost her ten-year-old son when an ATV rolled over on him. She says she wasn't aware of the danger, and neither were hundreds of other parents who share her tragedy.

Rabe says ATV accidents kill more than 100 children each year and seriously injure another 40,000.

When grieving families realized how widespread the accidents are, they wanted to prevent grief for others. They formed an organization called Concerned Families for ATV Safety, seeking laws to regulate ATV use.

Rabe says ATV's are even more dangerous than a car, yet there's no minimum age and no license required to operate them.

Her group is calling for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to establish a national safety standard to keep children under 16 off adult ATV's.