Mother's Grief Inspires Book

5-16-05 – On the second anniversary of her son’s death, Jodi Stone recalls the moment that inspired her to write a children’s book. The mother was making dinner in her Anna home when her five year old son walked in after an afternoon of playing outside.

"I said Jace; do you know you have a lady bug on your cheek? He just looked at me and picked it up gently and put it on his finger and said, yes mom, he's my friend."

That memory is the inspiration behind, “Lady Bug,” a book written for children 2 to 6 years old. The story is about a little boy who introduces his new lady bug friend to his mother.

"I hope that children who do need and hear the story lady bug smile. That would bring great comfort to me and to Slater as well,” said Stone.

Two years ago, her two sons, Slater and Jace, were involved in a rollover accident while in a car with their father on State Highway 5 in Anna. Jace and his father were killed. Slater, who was 8-years-old at the time was the only survivor.

“You always hear those stories of parents loosing children and you just feel so sorry for them. You never really think to yourself that this could happen to you," said Stone.

Stone says she thinks about the son she lost everyday, but putting his legacy down on paper has helped her find hope.

Pre-publication sales for “Lady Bug” are underway; the book will be in full publication by mid-summer.

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