Newsweek Apologizes for Story

5-16-05 - SHANNON, Ireland (AP) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says a Newsweek story has "done a lot of harm" to U-S outreach in the Muslim world.

Rice told reporters traveling with her to Iraq that "it's appalling" that the story was printed.

Newsweek reported that US interrogators had placed copies of Islam's holy book in bathrooms and flushed one down the toilet to get inmates to talk. The magazine now says there are doubts about the toilet reference.

Rice lamented the deadly rioting in Afghanistan as a result of the story as well as the harm done to America's efforts to demonstrate tolerance and breed goodwill in the Muslim world.

Saying an apology is not enough, the White House is calling on Newsweek to retract the story.

Spokesman Scott McClellan says the story "damaged" the image of the United States abroad and had "serious consequences." He says there's a certain journalistic standard that should be met and that it hasn't been in this case.

Newsweek says it will continue to investigate the matter.